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Dental crowns have been around in some form for almost as long as the practice of dentistry itself. Like all dental treatments, crowns have evolved and become incredibly sophisticated thanks to modern technology, so they look and feel just like a natural tooth. Ann Mudd, DMD, offers cosmetic and general dentistry services in Louisville, Kentucky. Call Ann B. Mudd, DMD Family Dentistry with a Gentle Touch today or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.


What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns (also known as caps) are a custom-designed cover for a severely decayed, fractured, or cosmetically unattractive tooth.

The main purpose of crowns is to restore lost tooth surface and protect the remaining healthy portion of a tooth after treatment for tooth decay, from a fracture or break, or to cover significant cosmetic damage.

Crowns are also used to cover dental implants and to replace missing teeth with bridgework. They’re a versatile and minimally invasive option for treating a number of dental problems.

If you have a cavity that’s too large to be treated with a traditional dental filling, Dr. Mudd may recommend a crown.

At Ann B. Mudd, DMD Family Dentistry with a Gentle Touch, crowns are custom-designed to fit your unique needs and match the shade and texture of a natural tooth.

It generally takes a few weeks and several visits to the dentist to prepare the tooth, create a mold to send to a lab, and fit the crown. However ,you may be able to get a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent crown to arrive.


What are dental crowns made of?

There are a various types of crowns available depending on your situation and where the crown will be placed. There are four main types of dental crowns available:

Porcelain fused to metal crowns

This type of crown is made from a combination of porcelain and metal and tends to be stronger and more durable than a pure porcelain crown.

It’s a good option for back teeth or molars and provides additional protection and reinforcement after treatment for tooth decay. Dr. Mudd will most likely have to remove some tooth surface to make room for the crown and ensure a smooth fit.

Ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns are made with a porcelain base and are ideal for cosmetic damage on front facing teeth. A portion of the tooth may also have to be shaved down to fit a ceramic crown.

Metal alloys

Metal alloy based dental crowns are made from materials like gold and copper to create a really strong and durable crown that’s highly resistant to fractures, corrosion, and decay. They tend to be more expensive than ceramic and composite crowns.

Dr. Mudd will discuss your options with you at your appointment and recommend the best type of crown for your situation.


How long do crowns last?

Like all dental restorations, crowns require ongoing care to extend their shelf life and prevent further problems.

After you receive your crown, continue to brush and floss as usual and keep up with your preventive dental care. The lifespan of a typical dental crown is 5-10 years, but with adequate care they can last much longer.

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